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July 1st - August 1st  **opening Friday July 1st 6 pm**


The entire show is a meditation on fragility: fragility of the body and of the human spirit. The works on tissue paper especially, are about mapping the body, mapping humanity, mapping nature utilising this analogue technology. Most importantly though, the works are my attempt at embodying a fragility that Black women in particular are not allowed to fully inhabit.

Some of the paper I've sourced is more than thirty or forty years old. So I have to be very delicate, very deliberate with how I manipulate it. Art handlers have to be extremely careful too. Those paintings, experiencing grace and care, are me and I am those paintings. They continue to 'perform', demanding dignity and proper treatment well into their trip to the depot. 

The show is a reflection on the fragility and strength of my own body. The tissue paper is perfect for combining and expressing these elements.

There is a deliberate use of traditionally gendered materials in the choice of nail polish, sewing pattern paper and yarn. However the choice to work with nail polish is also a practical one. I can get caught very easily in an extreme, neurotic spiral of second guessing myself with the end result being paralysis. The nail lacquer is incredibly quick drying so whatever the result is of the mix of colour, that's it. I can't change my mind. There's no going back. So what is put down on paper comes directly out of my intuition. The end result is chaos, serenity or anything in between.


*by Cole Verhoeven

Cole Verhoeven              

When I’m painting these doo-rags I’m not k*lling myself 

nail polish on tissue paper, 76,5x34cm, 2022

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