nagai yoru - natten är lång = Mayako Nakamura + Lukas Göthman

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March 17th - April 8th  **opening Friday March 17th 3pm**


Hybrid Cultures emphasizes the importance of the personal story, in this duo show by Japanese artist Mayako Nakamura, based in Tokyo and Swedish artist Lukas Göhman who lives and works in Stockholm. Both tell their stories in divergent painterly languages. 


In her Calligraphic Landscape series Mayako Nakamura employs traditional Chinese characters as a point of departure for intuitive abstract landscapes on scrolls and screens. Mayako worked on this series while taking care of her gravely ill father. The works can be read as a diary incorporating the narrative of her daily life into the abstraction. In her latest works Mayako comes to grips with the spiritual inheritance of her family. Both her parents quite recently passed away and their spirits are captured in these gestural works. As Mayako states: “My mother passed away a year ago. My father passed away a month ago. I often feel their spirits come and go- riding the winds, or scent of spring. I feel the elemental particles of my parents often dancing in the courtyard.. 

Whoever came to exist on this earth must pass away.

Using water and ink on paper, I am trying to paint the impermanence - the very moment I am here - 

over and over again.” 


Lukas Göhman tells his story by painting texts. Each text fluid and painted in thick and colorful layers of high viscosity oil, can be interpreted as a fragment of an ongoing story; a journey of self 

experienced realities and auto-ficticious, poetic narratives, meanwhile exploring the painterly abstract composition on the canvas. A series of paintings by Lukas Göthman can be read as pages from a diary, sometimes fictionalized, sometimes merely abstract, but always telling the story of the life Lukas is leading or is aiming to lead, with all the joy, fear, desire, dreams, love, lust, anger and grief a husband, father of two sons and owner of a dog can embody. The travels Lukas makes and the resonating lines of texts in his works are a commemoration to Scandinavian life. So too the title of this show, The Night is Long, which can refer to the long and dark winter in the North but also relates to a dark and difficult period in life. And yet there is another more enticing connotation: the longing for a long night with loved ones. Lukas captures the essence of his art practice as follows: “All my art starts from a sort of existential journey in which places and memories are important to me.”

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